This website has been created to fulfil the requirements of the Transparency Code for publicly funded bodies.

The content of the site is:-

  1. the agenda and minutes for the parish council meetings for the previous two years;
  2. the names and contact information for the councillors and the parish clerk;
  3. the financial information that is required by law to be published annually, including feedback from the independent auditor;
  4. notices relating to council activities (calling notices for meetings, appointment of councillors, parish council elections, notification of publication of financial information);
  5. a 'contact us' form for communicating with the council.

The information can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate menu items at the top of the page.

The councillor and contact pages are complete in themselves.

The agenda, minutes, financial and notices pages provide a list of links which, when selected, cause the appropriate item to be displayed as a pdf file.  To return to the list after inspecting the item, press the browser 'back' arrow.


GDPR Statement for Ebberston with Yedingham and Bickley Parish Council

No personal information is stored on the website itself.

At their meeting on the 14th May 2018, the Parish Council have agreed an approach to managing personal data which should ensure that any personal data which is provided to the Council is managed and processed in an appropriate manner (see minute 14.3 of the meeting for more information).